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I have some big news! The NextWorld Series has been selected for worldwide distribution by Severed Press, a leading publisher of horror and sci-fi! This means that in about two months, they will be re-publishing all three books with all-new covers. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available…

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Lots of stuff on the horizon, so let’s start with the books!

First of all, Book Two in the Super Power Saga and the sequel to Super Powers of Mass Destruction is coming along nicely. We’re almost to the editing stage, so right on track for a release earlier in the year rather than later. Nothing definitive yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a title announcement and cover preview soon!

In other news, I just signed the contract with the amazing voice actor John Pirhalla to reprise his role in the audio book sequel to Level Zero, Spawn Point: Book Two of the NextWorld Series. Look for it this summer!

And speaking of NextWorld, there’s the possibility of some more exciting news coming very soon regarding that series, so stay tuned!